Ball Bearings Catalog Page D59 Super Precision Ball Bearings

Super Precision A D TIMKEN PRODUCTS CATALOG D59 PRECISION JIG-BORING SPINDLE This jig-boring spindle delivers extreme accuracy over a wide range of speeds. Excellently designed, it is supported with 2MM210WI-DUM grease-lubricated super precision bearings. With this spindle, holes located to an accuracy of one ten-thousandth (.0001) of an inch are bore ground straight and to size limits of better than two ten-thousandths (.0002) of an inch. SUPER PRECISION LATHE HEADSTOCK This lathe spindle produces work held to a roundness of 35 millionths (.000035) of an inch. Maximum operating speed is 4800 RPM. Tandem pair of 3MM9114WI-DUL bearings is opposed by a spring-loaded 3MM9113WI bearing, resulting in excellent spindle rigidity. Bearings are prelubricated with grease. HIGH-SPEED MOTORIZED ROUTER A specially matched duplex pair of Timken Fafnir 2MM210WI- DU-FS223 super precision ball bearings, mounted back-to-back at the work end, affords the necessary bearing rigidity to permit routing through aluminum plate one inch thick with a single pass. The upper bearing is spring-loaded and permitted to float. Router is driven by a 30 hp motor at speeds up to 15000 RPM, and uses oil mist lubrication. PRECISION VERTICAL MILLING SPINDLE This spindle operates at 12 different speeds ranging from 260 to 6200 rpm under a wide variety of conditions. At the work end, two duplex pairs of Timken Fafnir 2MM212WI-DUL preloaded bearings are mounted in tandem in a back-to-back arrangement, separated by spacers of equal length. This affords extremely high radial and axial rigidity. At the center, a pair of Timken Fafnir 2MM210WI-DUL bearings mounted back-to-back permits axial float of the spindle to compensate for thermal changes. The driving pulley shaft is rigidly supported by a widely spaced duplex pair of Timken Fafnir 2MM212WI-DUL preloaded bearings. All bearings are grease packed for life.

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