Ball Bearings Catalog Page D57 Super Precision Ball Bearings

Super Precision A D TIMKEN PRODUCTS CATALOG D57 APPLICATIONS HIGH-SPEED INTERNAL GRINDING SPINDLE Designed for internal precision grinding, this spindle incorporates 2MM9106WO-CR super precision bearings, preloaded by a nest of coiled helical springs mounted in a cartridge. Thrust load exerted by the springs assures intimate contact of the balls with the bearing raceways under all operating conditions. The sealed construction provides highly effective protection against intrusion of coolant and foreign matter. Grease, packed in each bearing prior to assembly, is sealed-in for life. Operating speed of this spindle is 25000 RPM. ULTRA PRECISION SURFACE GRINDING SPINDLE 2MMX9122WI-DUM super precision bearings, produced to ABEC9 tolerances, are employed in this horizontal surface grinding spindle for maximum rigidity and accuracy. A back-to-back pair of 2MM312WI-CR-DUL super precision bearings is used at the floating location. This spindle grinds surfaces that are accurate within .000025 inch, flat and parallel, are square within .000010 inch, and to a surface finish of 5 rms, or better. The spindle, driven by a 30 hp motor, operates at 900 RPM. Bearings are packed with grease prior to assembly. PRECISION SURFACE GRINDING SPINDLE This motorized surface grinding spindle, operating at 3600 RPM, uses 2MM9107WI-DUM duplex super precision preloaded bearings at both locations, mounted back-to-back, with one pair floating. Labyrinth slinger-type sealing prevents entry of contaminants and seals in the lubrication. Bearings are grease lubricated for life. HEAVY-DUTY PRECISION BORING SPINDLE Super precision, duplexed, preloaded bearings mounted back- to-back are used at each location in this boring spindle to assure smooth performance and a high degree of radial and axial rigidity. Operating speeds vary between 200 and 3000 RPM. Equal-length spacers between the bearings at the work end increase spindle rigidity. When the bearings are properly positioned on the shaft and the respective rings securely clamped, the preload is reproduced and no subsequent adjustment is required. Just prior to assembly, each bearing is packed with grease for life. SIX-SPINDLE AUTOMATIC SCREW MACHINE This bearing arrangement meets the demand for a high-speed, heavy-duty, multiple-spindle screw machine to operate with constant accuracy at maximum production. Because of the hollow shaft construction and the short distance between bearings, extra- light series duplex pairs are used at each location. This affords a high degree of radial rigidity and adds stiffness to the shaft. By mounting a duplex pair of flanged (3MMF) bearings with a 2MM super precision bearing, back-to-back, under a predetermined preload at the front end, accuracy and rigidity of the spindle are assured and permit a straight housing bore. The rear pair of back-to-back bearings is allowed to float in the housing, making an outer-ring spacer unnecessary. Lubrication is by pressure-feed oil circulation.

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