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3MM-WI manufactured with 25 degree contact angle, are for use on applications where the loading on the bearings is predominately thrust - and a high degree of axial rigidity is a definite requirement. Typical applications for these are large vertical rotary surface grinders, horizontal and vertical disc grinders, and thrust bearing applications for heavy-duty lathes where the bearings must directly carry extremely high tail stock or chucking pressure. 2MM-WO with 15 degree initial contact angle are designed for extremely high- speed applications where centrifugal force of the balls is the principal load on the bearing. Unlike the MM-WI Type, which has a low shoulder outer ring, the 2MM-WO Type has full shoulders on both sides of the outer race and a low shoulder on one side of the inner ring. This design permits assembly with a maximum complement of balls and a one-piece cage which pilots against the precision-ground lands of the outer ring. Generally this bearing series is supplied with a separable inner ring and ball retaining cage along with special race geometry for extremely high-speed operation. 2MMV and 3MMV-HX are dimensionally interchangeable with equivalent 9100, 99100, 9300 and ISO Series-10 and 19 bearings. These designs enable spindle heads to remove more material in less time while maintaining superior machining tolerances. This is achieved through a proven combination of unique ball complements with precision engineering raceway geometries. 2MMV and 3MMV-HX VV possess all of the high-speed advantages of the HX but with true high speed seals. These bearing seals protect lubricant from outside contaminants while ensuring internal lubricant retention, extending service life significantly. 2MMV and 3MMV 99100WN are available with 15 degree or 25 degree contact angle variations and have been developed to operate under the demanding requirements of high-speed machine tools. They incorporate design features which permit operation at higher speeds than standard angular contact ball bearings. The bore, outside diameter and width are the same as the MM9100 Series.


To meet the demands of the servo-controlled machinery field, the Timken Fafnir ball screw support bearings are specially designed with steep contact angles and offer high levels of stiffness for ball screw application requirements. Timken's most recent product offering in this area is a series of double-row, sealed, flanged (or cartridge) units that use an integral double-row outer ring to help simplify installation procedures. Timken offers the following ball screw support bearing products:

2MM-WI & 3MM-WI Types HXVV Types 2MMV99100 Types MM9300WI DUH (Inch) MMBSDUH (Metric)

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