Ball Bearings Catalog Page D54 Super Precision Ball Bearings

A BALL BEARINGS D D54 TIMKEN PRODUCTS CATALOG INTRODUCTION MEANINGS OF PREFIXES AND SUFFIXES In the Timken Fafnir numbering system the basic number which denotes the size and series is always is always retained. When special variations are made, as in the case of precision bearings, prefixes and suffixes are added which have definite meanings as follows: PREFIXES MM 2MM/2MMV 3MM/3MMV MMX SUFFIXES K WI WO WN and outer HX and outer CR MBR SR PRB PRC PRF, PRG SUL SUM SUH DUL DUM DUH TUL TUM TUH QUL QUM QUH PERFORMANCE The performance of a super precision bearing is not completely defined by the ABEC/ISO classes. The latitude of these classes allows for a significant range of variability in product performance among bearing manufacturers. Characteristics such as raceway curvature and uniformity; the balls' conformance to sphericity; race and ball surface finish; waviness of contact areas; preload offset tolerance; cleanliness; calibration of envelope dimensions; matching of bearings within a set; cage design and material; lubricant; radial play; contact angle and precision of ball complement are not defined by ABEC/ISO. All have a direct impact on the service life and performance of a bearing. The lack of a comprehensive standard allows inferior bearings to be marketed as ABEC 7 or 9 (ISO P4 or P2) without the ability to produce superior performance. All Timken MM, MMV, and MMX precision grade comply with strict controls over these non-specified parameters, to provide premium performance. OPTIMIZED GRADES OF PRECISION MM, MMV - SUPER PRECISION, SUPER HIGH PRECISION (ABEC 7/9, ISO P4/P2) Super precision bearings manufactured to the MM(V) tolerance class operate with running accuracy and performance levels meet- ing ABEC 9 (ISO P2) yet maintain non-critical features at ABEC 7 (ISO P4) level for cost-effectiveness. Bore and O.D. surfaces are coded in micron units for the convenience of the discriminating machine tool builder striving for optimum fitting of crucial spindle components. MMX - ULTRAPRECISION (ABEC 9, ISO P2) Super precision bearings with closer tolerances and running accuracies than ABEC 7 (ISO P4) bearings are made to ABEC 9 (ISO P2) tolerances. Bearings produced to these tolerances are generally used on ultra-high-speed grinding spindles designed for tight dimensional tolerances and super-fine surface finishes. Contact your Timken representative for availability of product range. BEARING TYPES ANGULAR-CONTACT BEARINGS 2MM-WI types with 15 degree initial contact angle are designed to meet the needs of machine builders for precision bearings which will operate at as low a temperature as possible for a wide range of speeds and operating loads. In order for machines to produce more accurate work at a higher production rate, the bearings must provide a high degree of rigidity in both axial and radial directions while operating at minimum temperatures. For example, precision machining or cutting tools impose heavier loads on bearings than those encountered in precision grinding. In the former, speeds are slower and loads heavier than the latter, where speeds are high and loads light. The 2MM-WI Type gives the machine builder the flexibility required to meet such variations in applications.

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