Ball Bearings Catalog Page D50 Super Precision Ball Bearings

D D50 TIMKEN PRODUCTS CATALOG Super Precision Ball Bearings Angular Contact Hybrid C eramic Series: 9300 ultra-light 9100 extra-light 99100 extra-light 200 light 300 medium 2 MM C 91 04 WI CR DUL A3188 Construction: K Conrad WI angular contact; low shoulder on outer ring WO angular contact; low shoulder on inner ring WN angular contact; low shoulder on both rings HX angular contact; low shoulder on both rings Precision Class: MM/MMV super high precision between ABEC 7 (ISO P4) and ABEC 9 (ISO P2) MMX Retainer: No retainer callout implies Timken Fafnir PRC PRB molded nylon cage PRC molded reinforced nylon cage CR phenolic (composition) - Timken Fafnir standard MBR machined bronze Preload: Universal Flush Ground : *SUX single bearing, extra-light *SUL single bearing, light *SUM single bearing, medium *SUH single bearing, heavy DUX duplex pairs of bearings, extra-light DUL duplex pairs of bearings, light DUM duplex pairs of bearings, medium DUH duplex pairs of bearings, heavy TUX triplex set of bearings, extra-light TUL triplex set of bearings, light TUM triplex set of bearings, medium TUH triplex set of bearings, heavy QUX quadruplex set of bearings, extra-light QUL quadruplex set of bearings, light QUM quadruplex set of bearings, medium QUH quadruplex set of bearings, heavy An example of a specification number for other than standard Contact Angle: 2 = 15 3 = 25 Bore Size: (04 and up, multiply these last two num- bers by 5 to get bore in millimeters:) 00 10 mm 01 12 mm 02 15 mm 03 17 mm 04 20 mm D VV high speed seals D50 TIMKEN PRODUCTS CATALOG

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