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A D A Radial and Angular Contact Ball Bearings TIMKEN PRODUCTS CATALOG D5 XLS AND EXTRA LARGE 100 SERIES Bearings in the inch-dimension XLS Series and metric-dimension Extra Large 100 Series have extra large diameters and a compact cross section. XLS bearings are made in the Conrad and maximum capacity filling slot designs. The Extra Large 100 Series offers the maximum capacity, filling slot and counterbore types. TRI-PLY SEAL DISK HARROW BEARINGS Bearings with Tri-Ply Seals are designed for service involving severe contamination, such as disk harrows, disk tillers and other seed preparation equipment and certain conveyor applications. Tri-Ply sealed units come in two designs - one consisting of three Timken rubber seals separated by steel spacers and retained by steel caps in the outer ring and the other, a highly effective one-piece, molded seal design. Both designs have an exterior shroud cap to protect the seals and reinforce the exceptional sealing action of the complete unit. A patented notched seal groove design, provided on selected sizes, is one of the most positive seal retention methods ever developed. HEX BORE BEARINGS These bearings are designed for either outer or inner ring rotation in low speed, moderately loaded applications such as farm machinery and conveyors. Their chief advantage is ease of mounting. Except for axial positioning by adjacent parts, no collars, setscrews or other external parts are required to lock the inner ring to the hex shaft. R-SEAL DISK HARROW BEARINGS R-Seal bearings are designed for a wide variety of farm machinery applications where single-lip positive contact seals are required. Each sealing element has a Timken Fafnir rubber seal that effectively seals the bearing with a heavy flare on the cylindrically ground O.D. (inner ring). A steel back-up plate supports the seal rubber and prevents the seal lip from inverting. An outside metal shroud cap gives maximum abrasion protection to the rubber element and completes the assembly that is rolled into the outer ring seal groove for positive retention. R-Seal radial ball bearings are used in positions in planting, cultivating and harvesting machinery. They are available in various configurations including round bores in metric and inch dimensions and cylindrical and spherical outside diameters. ANGULAR CONTACT - SINGLE-ROW 7000 PRODUCT FAMILY Timken offers a 7200WN Light, 7300WN Medium and 7400WN Heavy Series single- row, angular contact bearings, which are designed for combination loading with high-thrust capacity in one direction. The 7000WN bearings are manufactured with better than ABEC 1 inner ring bore tolerances and ABEC 3 running accuracy. These bearings, when mounted in a duplex arrangement, provide axial and/or radial rigidity in applications where control of shaft displacement is essential. These bearings are available with various cage designs as defined in the dimension tables. The external dimensions of all 7000WN bearings interchange with corresponding sizes in the 200, 300 and 400 single-row radial series. ANGULAR CONTACT - DOUBLE-ROW Double-row Angular Contact Bearings are available in the Light 5200 and Medium 5300 Series. These bearings have the same bores and outside diameters as the corresponding sizes in the 200 and 300 Series, single-row, radial type. Chief advantages of the double-row type are rigidity, compactness and high capacity. The two rows of balls provide for bearings large radial capacity combined with moderate thrust capacity in either direction. Double-row bearings are available in both the Conrad (K) construction with uninterrupted race shoulders and the maximum capacity type. The latter has a filling slot in the shoulder of both rings and a maximum ball complement. Sizes with the W suffix have the filling slot on one side only. In these cases, thrust should be applied on the side opposite the filling slot. XLS and Extra Large 100 Series Tri-Ply Seal Disk Harrow Bearings Hex Bore Bearings R-Seal Agricultural Bearings Single-Row Angular Contact Bearings 7000 Product Family Double-Row Angular Contact

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