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Radial and Angular Contact Ball Bearings





The high performance 7000WN Angular Contact Product Family is specifically designed to support heavy thrust loads at lower operating temperatures at high speeds. Included in the angular contact series are the following design features: tolerance diameter tolerances temperatures rings improve oil flow A feature of this series is the refined bore diameter tolerance. The closer bore tolerance in the WN product family reduces the broad range of interference and thus prevents the development of undesirable high preload in mounted duplex pairs. As a result, longer bearing life is achieved and high operating temperatures are avoided. This product family can support heavy thrust loads by combining high shoulders on the thrust side of both rings with a high operating angle. In addition, uniformity of load per ball under combined loads is more favorable with a high contact angle and results in longer bearing life. Maximum clearance between the one-piece brass or bronze cage and the land diameters of both rings is achieved in the WN construction. Utilizing low shoulder diameters on the non-thrust sides of inner and outer rings promotes efficient oil passage through the bearing resulting in lower operating temperatures and longer bearing life. The 7000WN Product Family is divided into several designs. Sizes 7207-7218WN and 7304-7318WN have a 40 degree contact angle and a one-piece, ball-piloted, pressed brass cage. Sizes 7219- 7230WN and 7319-7330WN have a 40 degree contact angle and a one-piece, outer ring-piloted, high-strength machined bronze cage. The 7412WN and 7415WN both have a 40 degree contact angle and a one-piece conical, high-strength machined bronze cage. The 7000WN Product Family is available as single bearings and duplex sets. A single with the suffix "SU" is flush ground on both faces for universal mounting. Such bearings can be used as singles or duplex mounted back-to-back (DB), face-to-face (DF) or tandem (DT), depending on the functional requirements of the design. The mounting of duplex "SU" bearings will result in a preload range of minimum internal clearance to a solid preload. Bearings without the "SU" designation are not flush ground and are intended to be used as singles. These bearings are used to support thrust from one direction and are often accompanied by a preload spring. Bearings with the suffix "DU" are flush ground on both faces for universal mounting. A duplex pair of "DU" bearings can be mounted (DB, DF, or DT), depending on the functional requirements of the design. These bearings, after mounting, will result in a range of positive light preload.

Duplex- DB Duplex- DF Duplex- DT Tandem Three Bearings in Tandem Two in Tandem Opposed Back-to-Back Face-to-Face with a Single Bearing



These design features are advantageous in applications such as oil refining pump systems where higher productivity and longer system life is important. Other applications where these features are equally suited are deep well pump motors, vertical and horizontal pumps, worm gear and right angle drives, spindles, live centers and gearboxes. For applications requiring a high degree of axial and radial rigidity, these bearings are suggested in preloaded duplex mountings.


Although each 7000WN Product Family bearing is a self-contained unit, the construction is such that they are frequently mounted as two bearings opposed, so that thrust can be carried in either direction. Unlike the radial type, the angular contact bearing, when mounted alone, requires adjustment and must be installed with care. As the bearing is relatively loose axially before mounting, it is important that the design incorporate some means to move the outer ring axially into its correct position relative to the inner ring. This adjustment should be made when the bearing is mounted. A common method is to place a preload spring or shims at one bearing location. The correct adjustment of the single bearing is obtained when the initial axial looseness of the assembly is removed. This eliminates the possibility of premature bearing damage due to excessive preloading or looseness through improper adjustment. Bearings designated "SU" are ground on both surfaces to permit universal mounting. These duplex sets are ideally suited for applications which involve a combination of radial loads from either direction. "SU" bearings are flush ground so that under a specific axial gage load the inner ring will protrude beyond the face of the outer ring. This design results in an internal axial clearance within the bearing pair that helps to minimize build-up of excessive preload within the bearings when mounted on a shaft with maximum interference. To assure correct mounting of bearings in the 7000WN Product Family, the word THRUST is marked on the thrust face of both the inner and outer rings. This face should abut against the housing shoulder or the end cover, depending on the required direction of "thrust".


"SU" Suffix: All bearings are packaged singly. To obtain a pair of SU flush ground bearings for duplex mounting, specify two bearings. Example: (2) 7210WN SU bearings. "DU" Suffix: All bearings are packaged as a pair in a single box. To obtain a pair of DU flush ground bearings for duplex mounting, specify one pair. Example: one pair-7219WN MBR-DU. No Suffix: All bearings are packaged singly. No other designation is required to obtain

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