Ball Bearings Catalog Page D35 Radial Ball Bearings

A D A Radial and Angular Contact Ball Bearings TIMKEN PRODUCTS CATALOG D35 Typical Size Special Features Application 5 /8" Bore Inner Width 1.500/1.495 Tri-Ply Seals 7 /8" Hex Bore Inner Width 1.000/.995 Tri-Ply Seals Offset Rings Inner Width .748/.743 Outer Width .6299/.6249 R-Seal on extended inner side Tri-Ply Seal one side Wide Inner Ring .9449/.9399 Tri-Ply Seals Wide Inner Ring .9449/.9399 3 /4" Bore Wide Inner Ring .9449/ .9399 Extended on R-Seal side 1" Hex Bore Tri-Ply Seals Inner Ring Width .9449/.9399 Large Inner Ring Bore Corner to clear .090 R Shaft Fillet 1 /8 Bore Flare out type R-Seal with Shroud Cap 1" Bore Inner Width .9450/.9400 3 /4" Bore Large Inner Ring Bore Corner to clear .090 R Shaft Fillet Large Inner Ring Bore Corner to clear .090 R Shaft Fillet Narrow Inner .8499/.8399" 1 /4 Bore Flare out type R-Seal with Shroud Cap 1 /8" Hex Bore Bore 1.2505/1.2500 Extended Inner 1.000/.945 on R-Seal Side Bore 1.2530/1.2525 Double Lip Seal Bore 1.5312/1.5307 Large Inner Ring Bore Corner to clear .090R Shaft Fillet Bore 1.4380/1.4375 Plya Seals with Shroud Cap 1" Hex Bore Offset Inner Ring with .7087/ .7037 Width 1" Bore Inner Extended on one side with 1.000/.995 Width Two 17/64 dia. holes in Inner Ring Cap Extends Past Inner Face on one side Cap Extends Past Inner Face on one side Bore 3.2500/3.2492 O.D. 5.000/4.9992 205PP12 205PP13 206KRD 206KP2 206KPP2 H206KRP2 A1391 206KPPB3 206KRR4 206KRRB3 206KRRB9 206KRR13 207KRR3 207KRR8 P207KRRB10 207KRR12 P207KRNPB13 207KRR14 207KYY P208KRR4 A1849 208NPPB5 209KRRB2 304KR2 BB9105KRR2 9113KDD3 FS264C 9114KDD3 FS264C 9117K3 Cone Roller, Beet and Potato Harvester Corn Head Mechanism Combine Forrage Harvester Disk Hiller and Bedders Disk Harrow Drive Shaft Bearing Corn Picker Snapping Rolls Planter Idler Sprocket Bearing for round Baler Trencher Baler Corn Picker Snapping Rolls Forage Harvester Corn Picker Gathering Chain Disk Harrow Transport Wheel Disk Harrow Transport Wheel Clutch Shaft Crank Pin for Square Baler Round Baler Tractor Water Pump Hay Rake PTO Drive SPECIAL BEARINGS 200KRR3 J202KRR8 202NPP9 P202NPP11 P203KRR3 203KRR6 203NPP9 P203PP10 BB203KRR2 A2139 P204KR2 204KRD4 204KRNP5 P204KRRB5 204RR6 E8728 P204RR6 H204KRNP6 204RR7 E8728 205NPP2 205KR3 205KP6 205KRR6 205KRR7 205PPB7 FS544 G205KPRB11 205PP9 FS544 205PP10 205PP11 Inner Ring Width .6457/.6407 One piece molded seals Extended Inner Width .880/.875 1 /2" Bore-O.D. corner turned to 3 /4" radius Extra Wide Inner .5669/.5619 Bore 16mm .6299/.6296 5 /8" Bore 2" O.D. Heavy section outer ring 5 /8" Bore 47mm O.D.Heavy section outer ring 5 /8" Bore .500" width .6255/.6260" Bore Wide Inner .720/.715 Bore .6400/.6350 Gothic arch races Bore .7505/.7500 Width .610/.605 O.D. 1.7805/1.7800 5 /8" Bore extended inner R-Seal side .689/.685 Bore .631/.626 Extended Inner Width 1.125/1.120 Bore .793/.788 Inner Width .6988/.6938 Ground Bore .7505/.7500 Width .610 O.D. 1.7805 Extra loose radial play. Replaces 204KRNP2 E8728 Same as above except standard radial play. Replaces 204KRNP2 Bore, O.D., Width same as P204KR2 3 /4" Bore 1.7805 O.D. .610 Width Extra loose radial play. Replaces 204KRNP2 E8728 Inner Width .6594/.6544 3 /4" Bore , Special Races, Heavy R-Seal with Shroud Cap 3 /4" Bore Tri-Ply seal on one side with shroud cap 1 /2" Bore extended inner ring 1 /2" Bore 1.500/1.495 Extended Inner Ring with Offset race 15 /16" Bore Tri-Ply Seals 1.375/1.3760 Inner Width 7 /8" Hex Bore, One R-Seal and one Tri-Ply Seal Inner Width 1.000/.975 3 /4" Bore Inner Width 1.3750/1.3700 Tri-Ply Seals 5 /8" Bore Inner Width 1.375/1.370 Tri-Ply Seals 1" Bore Inner Width 1.187/1.185 Tri-Ply Seals Windrower Tobacco Harvester Baler Cam Foller Cam Follower Cam Follower Guide Rolls for Baler Plunger Baler Pick-up Disk Grain Drill Opener Light Duty Disk Applications Rotary Hoe Rotary Lawn Tractor Blade Spindle Bearing Disk Opener Seed Drill Planter Opener Wheels Row Crop Machine Planter Gage Wheels Garden Tractor Mower Spindle Planter Rolling Cultivator Disk Sprockets, Pulleys and Disk Opener Miscellaneous Disk Hiller Planter and Cotton Picker Rolling Cultivator Coulter Bearing Windrow Digger Cone Roller Beet and Potato Harvester Rolling Cultivator Corn Head Mechanism Cultivator Potato Harvester Marker Wheel Typical Size Special Features Application

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