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TIMKEN BALL BEARING HOUSED UNIT CATALOG Download 3D Models and 2D Drawings at A-7 PRESSED-STEEL WELDED CAGES This cage type consists of two formed cage halves welded together (fig. A-2). This type of cage is standard for most radial non-filling-slot ball bearings, providing high strength and rigidity, as well as good uniformity of ball-to-pocket clearance. It is suitable for very high- temperature applications, but does not accommodate application misalignment. CAGES Cages (also referred to as rolling-element retainers) serve several purposes in the proper operation of a rolling-element bearing. Cages separate the rolling elements and prevent rolling-element- on-rolling-element contact and wear. Cages serve to maintain rolling-element spacing in the races of the inner and outer rings of the bearings as the rolling elements pass into and out of the load zones. For handling purposes, cages also can retain the rolling elements on the inner ring assembly to allow for bearing installation. To meet the needs of the various service requirements of customers, Timken offers two reliable cage types for wide-inner-ring ball bearings - pressed-steel welded cages and molded-nylon finger-type cages. fig. A-2. Pressed-steel welded cage. MOLDED-NYLON FINGER-TYPE CAGES This type of cage consists of a one-piece molded design (fig. A-3). Rolling elements simply snap into place. Used in the majority of wide-inner-ring ball bearings, these cages are molded of nylon 6/6 that is heat-stabilized and moisture-conditioned. The polymer can withstand continuous operating temperatures up to 120 C (250 F) with spikes up to 150 C (300 F) and provides a non-corrosive, self- lubricating material with good resistance to abrasion, wear, most solvents, oils and greases. This cage type can accommodate application misalignment. Care needs to be exercised when using aggressive lubricants with extreme- pressure (EP) additives in combination with elevated temperatures greater than 107 C (225 F). fig. A-3. Molded-nylon cage. CAGES Molded 6/6 nylon (PRB) Molded 6/6 fiberglass reinforced nylon (PRC) Phenolic resin laminate Low-carbon pressed steel Pressed stainless steel Machined bronze Machined iron-silicon bronze Machined steel SHIELDS Low-carbon steel Stainless steel Nylon SEALS Buna N Polyacrylic Fluoroelastomer Stabilized TFE fluorocarbon (1) TFE fluorocarbon (1) (with glass fabric) (1) Limited life above these temperatures. TABlE A-3. OPERATiNg TEMPERATUREs fOR BEARiNg COMPONENT MATERiAls - CAgEs, sHiElDs AND sEAls BALL BEARING HOUSED UNITS

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