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Flanged cartridges are used where a shaft passes through the machine frame at a right angle (fig. A-21). A four-bolt mounting is the most common; however, where the mounting area is restricted, three- and two-bolt versions are available. A piloted flanged cartridge provides additional mounting accuracy and support. Flanged cartridges are supplied in both standard and heavy-duty series. Iron- and rubber-flanged cartridges also are available. A complete line of flangette units or pressed-steel flanged cartridges provides an economical solution for light-duty applications. Two-, three- and four-bolt mountings are available along with a relubricatable version.


Cylindrical cartridges, like flanged cartridges, provide shaft support where the shaft axis is perpendicular to and passing through a machined housing that is generally very thick (fig. A-22). The outside diameter of the cylindrical cartridges permits mounting with a press fit into a straight, through-bored housing. Cylindrical cartridges have a machined spherical bearing seat to provide initial shaft alignment in standard-duty applications. Synthetic, conductive rubber cylindrical cartridges are available for applications where low-cost, light-duty, low-noise operation is essential.


Take-up units are used where shaft adjustment and belt-tightening devices are required, such as conveyor applications (fig. A-23). Frames for take-up units provide for either side or top mounting. Take-up units are available in cast-iron for standard-duty applications and pressed steel for economical, light-duty applications.


Ball bearing housed units are available in a wide variety of types and sizes to accommodate a complete range of operating conditions. These units generally have cast-iron housings and mount on straight shafts with a slip fit. The self-locking collar and the set screw inner-bearing designs make mounting easier. Many of the set screw units include Shaft Guarding Technology (see page A-31). Bolt holes in housings take standard bolts to attach units to machinery frames. Several series are available with the concentric locking collar. Most units have a self-aligning feature. Units incorporating prelubricated wide-inner-ring ball bearings may be furnished without grease fittings. Several basic types of housed units are available: Pillow blocks also known as housed units. Flanged cartridges. Flangette units. Cylindrical cartridges. Take-up units. The choice is determined by application and mounting requirements. Within the basic type selected, variations are available for specific load factors, shaft sizes, mounting surface dimensions, base-to- shaft centerline heights and lubrication requirements.


Pillow blocks, the most commonly used type of mounted units, provide shaft support where the mounting surface is parallel to the shaft axis (fig. A-20). The bolt holes are usually slotted for easy adjustment during mounting. Pillow blocks come in a variety of configurations. Narrow series (V and S) are lightweight, yet structurally designed to support bearing load. Premium width series (R and Y) are three times stronger for rougher environments. They're available in two styles that fit typical applications. Pressed steel and rubber pillow blocks are available for light-duty applications.

fig. A-20. Pillow block. fig. A-21. flanged cartridge. fig. A-22. Cylindrical cartridge. fig. 23. Take-up unit.

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