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Housed units with Timken Shaft Guarding Technology use a stainless-steel, hardened band to transfer gripping pressure on the shaft. Unlike traditional set screws, which can dig into the shaft, there are no nicks, raised metal or permanent shaft damage when using Shaft Guarding Technology. The stainless band won't corrode on the shaft. Timken Shaft Guarding Technology is designed to exceed gripping application requirements, maintain dimensional integrity and reduce fretting corrosion. This is a preferred solution when shaft replacement is costly.

Housed units with shaft guarding Technology :

Are faster and easier to install and remove. Reduce the number of shaft replacements. Decrease overall system costs.

Tight grip offers protection.

Two set screws and a nylon patch at a 90-degree separation provide strong holding capability with minimal distortion. Groove running beneath the set screws in the inner ring bore keeps the band in place. Hardened stainless-steel band helps protect the shaft from damage. Longer inner ring along the shaft (ABMA compliant) improves shaft support and reduces bearing misalignment. Timken thin-dense chrome (TDC ) optional. Seal options include three-piece R-seal for normal-to-high contamination environments and L-seal for higher speeds and temperatures. Choice of housing configurations.

industries and applications:

Rubber and plastic. Agriculture (combines and implements). Forest products (paper, tissue, newsprint, fine paper). Industrial machinery. Fans and blowers. Canning and bottling. Conveyors. Food processing. Printing presses. Packaging. Textiles.

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