Ball Bearing Housed Unit Page A-29 Ball Bearing Housed Units-Wide-Inner-Ring Ball Bearings

BALL BEARING HOUSED UNITS TIMKEN BALL BEARING HOUSED UNIT CATALOG Download 3D Models and 2D Drawings at A-29 CAM (sElf-lOCKiNg) COllAR INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS The self-locking collar eliminates the need for locknuts, washers, shoulders, sleeves and adapters. With various seal and inner width variations for many agricultural and industrial applications, self-locking collars are the easiest housed units to install. The locking collar has a counterbored recess made purposely eccentric to the collar bore. When assembled on the shaft, this eccentric recess engages or mates with an eccentric cam end of a bearing's inner ring. The collar is engaged on the inner cam of the bearing. This assembly grips the shaft tightly with a positive binding action that increases with use. No adjustments of any kind are necessary. The collar set screw provides supplementary locking. 1. Observe cam design of the wide inner ring and self-locking collar. 2. Mate the cam of the collar with the cam of the wide inner ring. 3. Press the locking collar against the wide inner ring and turn in the direction of shaft rotation until tightly engaged. 4. With drift pin in collar hole, tap lightly in direction of shaft rotation tolock. For stationary shafts and outer ring rotation, turn the collar in opposite direction of rotation. 5. Tighten set screw in collar. TABlE A-20. CAM COllAR iNsTAllATiON

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