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BALL BEARING HOUSED UNITS A-28 TIMKEN BALL BEARING HOUSED UNIT CATALOG Download 3D Models and 2D Drawings at WIDE-INNER-RING BALL BEARINGS WITH CONCENTRIC COLLARS GC SERIES The GC series wide-inner-ring ball bearings are relubricatable with spherical outside diameters, nylon retainers and shroud seals (fig. A-14). The metal shroud maintains tight seal contact against the inner ring and shields the rubber seals from damage due to dirt or fiber wrap. The concentric collar is locked to the shaft by two set screws, located 120 degrees apart, mated with threaded holes in the collar and drilled holes in the bearing inner ring. YM MEDIUM-DUTY SERIES The Timken medium-duty series offers reliable performance and extended life for applications that carry heavier loads (fig. A-15). This series has been designed with a combination of premium features - superfinished raceways and a nylon-patch set screw locking device, designed for demanding conditions. These bearing inserts will operate with reduced levels of noise, vibration and friction and are the choice antifriction component for saw and paper mill applications, fan and blower assemblies, food and grain handling, and conveyor systems. TRI-PLY SEAL SERIES Tri-ply seal bearings are designed for environments where severe conditions and moisture are present (fig. A-11). The one-piece tri-ply seals incorporate a highly effective seal design molded to an exterior shroud cap. The shroud cap protects the seal lips from fiber wrap and abrasion while enhancing the overall sealing effectiveness of the unit. All units incorporate the self-locking collar and have a nylon retainer. Tri-ply seal bearings are available in both a non-relubricatable (KPPB) and relubricatable version (G-KPPB). EXTERNAL SELF-ALIGNING SERIES The construction of this series permits the inner assembly, which contains an open-type ball bearing with spherical O.D. to align in the seat of the mating outer ring (fig. A-12). The seat of this outer ring is matched with the spherical O.D. of the ball bearing outer ring providing unrestricted self-alignment and allowing the inner assembly to become square and true with the shaft. Self-aligning units are available in both standard SM-S or heavy SMN-S series. RA-DD-SERIES BEARINGS The RA-DD-series bearings are extended inner-ring types with cam locking collars (fig. A-13). They incorporate two close-fitting, non-contact grease shields to effectively retain lubricant and provide protection against harmful contaminants. The non-contact metallic shields provide improved high- speed and low-torque performance required for high-speed applications such as printing presses and tissue manufacturing. The 6/6 molded nylon retainer has proven effective under conditions of misalignment. These bearings are dimensionally interchangeable and have the same load capacities as the RA-RR series. Available in 15.88 mm - 38.10 mm ( 5 /8 in. - 1 1 /2 in.) shaft sizes. fig. A-11. Tri-ply seal series. fig. A-14. gC series. fig. A-15. YM series. fig. A-12. External self-aligning series. fig. A-13. RA-DD series.

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