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BALL BEARING HOUSED UNITS TIMKEN BALL BEARING HOUSED UNIT CATALOG Download 3D Models and 2D Drawings at A-27 RR SERIES These bearings feature the flareout, contact-type R-seal which encloses a synthetic rubber-impregnated washer between two metal caps (fig. A-9). Most sizes incorporate the shroud-seal design. R-seal wide-inner-ring ball bearings are available in the following non-relubricatable variations: KR (one seal, cylindrical O.D.), KRR (two seals, cylindrical O.D.) and KRRB (two seals, spherical O.D.). Relubricatable versions are: G-KRR, G-KRRB and GN-KRRB (heavy-duty). INTRODUCTION WIDE-INNER-RING BALL BEARING DESIGN FOR BALL BEARINGS THAT ARE EASILY MOUNTED ON STRAIGHT SHAFTS AND POSITIONED WITHOUT SHOULDERS, LOCKNUTS OR ADAPTERS The internal bearing construction is basically the same as the deep race, single-row radial type with the ability to carry radial, thrust and combined loads, while providing low-friction qualities. The inner ring is generally extended on both sides of the race to provide additional shaft support, and is locked to the shaft by specially designed set screws, an eccentric self-locking collar or a concentric collar. The wide-inner-ring ball bearings also are available with cylindrical or spherical outside diameters (O.D.). The cylindrical or straight O.D. type is used for mounting in straight-bored housings. The spherical O.D. type must be mounted in a corresponding spherical seat and is used to compensate for shaft or housing misalignments. fig. A-9. RR series. RA-RR SERIES The RA-RR series features an extended inner ring and self- locking collar for simple and effective shaft retention in a standard-series bearing (fig. A-10). The positive contact, land- riding R-seal provides improved protection against the heavy contamination encountered in many applications. All sizes have a heat-stabilized, moisture-conditioned 6/6 nylon retainer, which has proven effective under conditions of misalignment. RA-RR extended inner- ring bearings are available as RA-RR (two-seals, straight O.D.) and RA-RRB (two seals, spherical O.D.). Relubricatable versions are GRA-RR and GRA-RRB. fig. A-10. RA-RR series. WIDE-INNER-RING BALL BEARINGS WITH ECCENTRIC LOCKING COLLARS The following series are available with the eccentric cam (self- locking) collar. See installation instructions in table A-20 on page A-29. LL SERIES These bearings are dimensionally interchangeable with the RR series, but have non-contact labyrinth seals and steel cages for low torque, high speed and higher temperature service (up to 177 C [350 F]).

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