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Proper lubrication is critical to bearing and machine performance. To help prevent damage, Timken G-Power and M-Power single- point lubricators deliver periodic grease to bearings, chains, guideways and other industrial equipment components (fig. A-5). You can choose from gas-powered or electromechanical varieties to meet your operating specifications. C-Power multi- point lubricators are a centralized lubrication system capable of delivering grease to up to six lubrication points (fig. A-6). Oil is not an option for this unit. G-Power, M-Power and C-Power canisters can be filled with Timken-formulated lubricants or many other types of commercial lubricants. A full line of accessories - including brackets, clamps, brushes, fittings and hose extensions - ease installation and offer a host of mounting options for hard-to-reach locations.

fig. A-5. g-Power and M-Power lubrication units with activators. fig. A-6. C-Power. TABlE A-7. gENERAl RElUBRiCATiON RECOMMENDATiONs FOR GREASED BEARINGS


Condition Relubrication Interval Indoor service Not required Outdoor service Two/three times per year Severe outdoor exposure Once a month High contamination/washdown Once a week


As a guideline, relubricate until the first indication of grease is observed purging from either seal lip.


These housed units are specifically designed for use in conditions of corrosion and contamination. The premium bearing insert is factory-prelubricated with aluminum-complex, high-quality, type H1, food-grade grease. This grease is acceptable in applications with incidental food contact.


Timken ball-bearing pillow-block grease is an NLGI No. 2 polyurea- thickened grease. It provides outstanding long life and moderately high-temperature lubrication to ball bearings. This grease maintains its mechanical shear stability and provides corrosion resistance, even in the presence of salt water. Timken ball-bearing pillow-block grease features low-noise characteristics and excellent pumpability. This grease does not contain extreme-pressure additives but inhibits rust and oxidation. Operating temperatures range from -40 C to 163 C (-40 F to 400 F). This grease is typically used in lightly loaded ball bearings in pillow blocks and conveyors that operate in high-temperature environments, including kiln and glasswork applications, electric motors, chemical manufacturing and noise-sensitive environments.


SAL/SAOL housed units are intended for use with oil lubrication and are equipped with a filler cup located on top of the pillow block. Each housing assembly also has an overflow cup and a pipe plug located at the base. These can be interchanged as required to properly locate the overflow cup with respect to shaft rotation. The overflow cup should be placed on the downward side of the shaft rotation. Incorrect placement will cause oil to leak from the overflow cup during operation. Oil should be supplied through the filler cup until overflow is full. Please note to inspect and refill only when the shaft is stationary to avoid overfilling. Inspection is necessary to determine the frequency of refilling, which is based on a number of factors, including speed, temperature and oil type. To avoid inadequate lubrication, maintain the oil level to the top of the overflow cup. In general, a high-quality automotive or turbine oil with oxidation inhibitors is recommended. For normal operating conditions, an SAE 30 weight oil or equivalent is adequate. Contact your Timken engineer for abnormal service lubrication recommendations.


Periodic relubrication is advisable due to the nature of food-grade grease and the corrosive environments for which these units are designed. Consult your equipment manufacturer's operating manual for the relubrication cycle. General guidelines are found in table A-7.

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