Ball Bearing Housed Unit Page 4 Introduction

4 TIMKEN HOUSED UNIT CATALOG Download 3D Models and 2D Drawings at RUGGED TIMKEN N HOUSED UNITS HELP PROTECT YOUR BEARINGS When you choose sturdy Timken housings, your bearings can keep rolling smoothly, even in harsh environments impacted by dirt, debris, water and other contaminants. Timken engineers designed special housings to withstand tough challenges on h j b the job. de durable cast iron or steel, our highly Protected insid imken engineered Ti ball and roller bearings work hard to manufacture and transport materials, without help you m ve maintenance due to contaminants. excessiv se from our selection of housed units designed Choo h ball, tapered and spherical bearings. Select with hancements like Timken enh seals, lubricants and ousing covers best suited for each task. Our ho ngineers help you choose the right combination en f bearings and accessories to extend bearing life, o ncrease uptime and reduce maintenance costs. in f course, you can interchange existing products O ith Timken housed units because our bolt holes wi d shaft centerline dimensions are designed to an form to industry standards. conf en Timke housed units reflect our strengths in rgy, engineering and manufacturing. We produce metallu arings in adherence with the Timken Quality all our bea t System for consistency in all our facilities Management orld. around the wo INTRODUCTION HOUSED UNIT OVERVIEW

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