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Do not use excessive force when mounting or dismounting the unit. Follow all tolerance, fit, and torque recommendations. Always follow the Original Equipment Manufacturer's installation and maintenance guidelines. Ensure proper alignment. Never weld housed units. Do not heat components with an open flame. Do not operate at bearing temperatures above 121 C (250 F).

Failure to observe the following warnings could create a risk of death or serious injury.

Proper maintenance and handling practices are critical. Failure to follow selection recommendations and installation instructions and to maintain proper lubrication can result in equipment failure. Overheated bearings can ignite explosive atmospheres. Special care must be taken to properly select, install, maintain, and lubricate housed unit bearings that are used in or near atmospheres that may contain explosive levels of combustible gases or accumulations of dust such from grain, coal, or other combustible materials. Consult your equipment designer or supplier for installation and maintenance instructions.


Failure to follow these cautions may result in property damage.

If hammer and bar are used for installation or removal of a part, use a mild steel bar (e.g., 1010 or 1020 grade). Mild steel bars are less likely to cause release of high-speed fragments from the hammer, bar or the part being removed.


Failure to follow these cautions could create a risk of injury.

Do not use damaged housed units. The use of a damaged housed unit can result in equipment damage and/or injury.




Warnings for this product line are in this catalog and posted on www.timken.com/en-us/products/warnings/Pages/ TimkenHousedUnitWarnings.aspx.

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