Ball Bearing Housed Unit Page 11 Introduction

TIMKEN HOUSED UNIT CATALOG Download 3D Models and 2D Drawings at 11 SHELF LIFE AND STORAGE OF GREASE-LUBRICATED BEARINGS AND COMPONENTS TIMKEN SHELF LIFE AND STORAGE OF GREASE-LUBRICATED BEARINGS AND COMPONENTS To help you get the most value from our products, Timken provides guidelines for the shelf life of grease-lubricated ball and roller bearings, components and assemblies. Shelf life information is based on Timken and industry test data and experience. SHELF LIFE POLICY Shelf life should be distinguished from lubricated bearing/ component design life as follows: Shelf life of the grease-lubricated bearing/component represents the period of time prior to use or installation. The shelf life is a portion of the anticipated aggregate design life. It is impossible to accurately predict design life due to variations in lubricant bleed rates, oil migration, operating conditions, installation conditions, temperature, humidity and extended storage. Shelf life values, available from Timken, represent a maximum limit and assume adherence to the storage and handling guidelines suggested in this catalog or by a Timken associate. Deviations from the Timken storage and handling guidelines may reduce shelf life. Any specification or operating practice that defines a shorter shelf life should be used. Timken cannot anticipate the performance of the grease lubricant after the bearing or component is installed or placed in service. TIMKEN IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SHELF LIFE OF ANY BEARING/COMPONENT LUBRICATED BY ANOTHER PARTY. European REACH Compliance Timken lubricants, greases and similar products sold in standalone containers or delivery systems are subject to the European REACH ( R egistration, E valuation, A uthorization and Restriction of CH emicals) directive. For import into the European Union, Timken can sell and provide only those lubricants and greases that are registered with ECHA ( E uropean CH emical A gency). For further information, please contact your Timken engineer.

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